'Masachi Nishiyama is a most engaging performer,demonstrating superb control and sympathy with the music' ~Classical Source

'Quite stunning' ~ Music & Vision

Masachi is increasingly gaining recognition for her work both as soloist and as a collaborative pianist. She has performed at numerous prestigious venues in the
UK and Japan and performed at many music festivals worldwide;France, Italy,
Austria, Japan and in the UK. Masachi has great success in many competitions,
including First Prize at the Hokkaido Music Camp, Special Prize at the
International Artist Association of Japan , and the Maud Hornby Prize.Her
Recent London debut solo concert at St. John's Smith Square was highly
acclaimed. Also her recent Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto with Martin Hurrell
who is a sub-principal trumpet with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Hokusai
Orchestra had a great success and it was acclaimed as a quite stunning
performance by Music&Visio(classical music magazine).

Her repertoire encompasses music from the Baroque era to the present day.
One of her more recent projects has been to give over twenty recitals of Bach's
monumental Goldberg Variations in the UK and she has gained special
distinction for the performances. She also has a deep love of the work of
Debussy and Ravel and a performance of her Ravel was selected by Piano
Magazine as one of the most memorable performances at the Dudley
InternationalPiano Competition in 2002.

She also enjoys her work as a chamber musician, regularly giving duo recitals
with the violinist Haruko Motohashi,both in the UK and in Japan. Avocado Music Productions released a CD of their performances in April 2010. In 2008/2009 she performed Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time" with the London Messiaen Quartet various times and the performance was broadcasted on Warminster Community Radio. They also worked with an internationally acclaimed British organist, Jennifer Bate at a concert in London.

Born in Japan, Masachi Nishiyama studied at the Toho Gakuen School of Music,
graduating with B.Mus degree She came to London in 1999 where she studied
piano at the Royal Academy of Music and she pursued further study atThe
Royal College of Music and she was awarded the Diploma of Advanced
Performance and concluded her studied by becoming a finalist in the
prestigious Chappell Gold Medal competition.

She is very grateful for the personal guidance she has received from such
eminent musicians as James Lisney, Yonty Solomon, Hidemitsu Hayashi, Jacque
Rouvier, Sergio Perticaroli, Joseph Seiger, Clifford Benson, John Barstow,
Andrew Ball, Simon Nicolas, Andrew West, Vanessa Latarche, Gordon Fergus-
Thomposon, Nelson Goerner, Alexander Baillie(cellist), Richard Markson(cellist), Paul Barritt(violinist).

In addition to her recent appearance in United Kingdom including at St. John’s Smith Square, St James, Piccadilly, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Victroia & Albert
Museum, University of Oxford, Japanese Ambassador’s Residence, Austrian
Embassy, Austrian Cultural Forum, Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Schubert Society of Britain. She is currently the artist director of Marlborough Recital Series at Schott Music in London.

“Quite Stunning “~ Music & Vision
“Masachi Nishiyama is a most engaging performer, demonstrating superb
control and sympathy with the music" ~Classical Source

桐朋女子高等学校音楽科、桐朋学園大学卒業。1999年に渡英して英国王立音楽院、英国王立音楽大学を卒業。これまでに国際芸術連盟 にて審査員特別賞、北海道MusicCampにて最優秀賞、The Maud Hornby Awardなどを含む国内外のコンクールで数々の賞を受賞。2017年5月までロンドンを拠点にイギリス国内、フランス、イタリア、オーストリア、日本での数多くのコン サート、音楽祭で精力的に演奏活動を行い、テレビやラジオなどにも出演する。ソロでの演奏活動に加え、器楽や歌とのアンサン ブルの経験も多い。2011年、ロンドンの主要なコンサート会場の一つのセント・ジェームズ・チャーチ・ピカデリーでショスタコーヴィチのピアノとトランペットの為のコンチェルトをBBC交響楽団のトランペット奏者Martin Hurrel氏と共演し、Music&Visionより”Quite stunning (非常に驚くべき演奏)”と絶賛される。バッハ・ゴルトベルク変奏曲プロジェクトとし て20回以上のリサイタルをイギリス各地 で行なっておりClassical Sourceより好評を得る。2017年3月には、ダンサーとのコラボでゴルトベルク変奏曲を演奏するという斬新な企画で東京公演を行い、新しい試みにも意欲的に取り組んでいる。2002年にイギリスで行われたダドリー国際ピアノコンクールでは、ラヴェルの演奏が評価され音楽雑誌Piano Magazinで取り上げられる。室内楽では、ヴァイオリン、ヴィオラ、チェロとの幅広いレパートリーを持っており、その演奏には定評がある。ロンドンで長くヴァイオリニスト本橋はる子氏とDuoで演奏活動を行い、2010年にCDがAvocado Music Productionsからリリースされる。ロンドンのショット・ミュージック店での Marlborough Recital Seriesのアーティスト・ディレク ターとして2011年から様々なコンサートの企画・演奏を行っていてる。
これまでに林秀光、加藤朋子、James Lisney、Yonty Solomon、Jacques Rouvier、Vanessa Latarche、Joseph Seiger, Clifford Bensonの各氏に師事。